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Never again CoolCat and Planet7

Sometimes it’s not the money it’s the principal. And I truly wish I knew whether or not I can swear in this post because holy heck do I want to unload. I have been playing poker since I was 14, slots not far after, sometimes as hobby, and years at a time as profession. Black Friday for the US crippled me, I was at a point that I was so determined to play the wsop 10k ME that I had 4-5 of the top “Steps tickets” worth 2k each and 1 win away from MAin event entry. Along with that prob 5-10k that I would get approx 1/3rd of back nearly 2 years later. On poker rankings I was consistently top 99%, partly because I played all day everyday, and partly because I was decent. After gov seizures I went on a crazy tilt, downward spiral where I degened away close to 100k of funds. These were any funds I could get my hands on, not all I could really pay, and mostly lost online. I played pokeslots online basically 24/7 for months straight. At the end I hated myself, hated my life, and knew I was effed in the a. But the next 3-5 years of not playing anything I was atleast comforted knowing or feeling like it was myself responsible for my own success, having once turned my very first deposit of 200$ into 22,000$ on full tilt, and unbelievably still $1.86 to nearly $30,000 on poker stars in 3 weeks. However the comfort came from also knowing I was the reason for my own failure and poor poor decision making. Atleast I didn’t feel cheated.
Here we are what feels like 10 years later, I did manage to scrap together 1,000$ 5 years ago for a live satty at the rio, and right as the main event started I won a seat. Busted day 2. Pretty much hasn’t played since.
Recently my bracelet winning friend got me to follow him around all over the state and neighboring states to check out his slot grind. I quickly got back into it and in downtime turned to gambling online. I struggled so much on the last sites I had known that were still around, but my faith will never waiver from them again. And after the bs I encountered I will never stray again. In any case I stumbled on these shoddily thrown together sites (it seems) such as Planet7 and Coolcat casino to be specific out of a long list of Royalaces, casinoextremes, captain jacks. Now I can’t say for sure the gameplay is rigged, but I will say for the 1000 or 2 thousand of dollars I’ve put into them, I have been able to withdrawl exactly 0$ dollars.
When I signed up on coolcat, it was from my phone, when I went to login on my computer, it appeared I had a really old previous account but I couldn’t figure out the password. I have the chat screenshotted when I went to support straight away and told them that I believe I had opened multiple accounts and asked what I need to do, if I could play, and if it could potentially come back to bite me later on. The agent assured me and even transferred me to another who also assured me, I didn’t need to do anything accept stick to the account I was on now, never log into the old one, and only deposit from the one I just contacted them. They happily took my deposits, 1 after another. Until I hit for just under 2k with no bonus restrictions to pull bs with or max cashout to cap my winnings. Over the next 30 days I submitted and re submitted each document they requested. 12 days in the withdrawal was cancelled, and I was informed “since you’re doing BTC withdrawal you actually need to complete this other completely different verification process” 15 more days of pick and chose what documents the new support person would say I was missing and repeat the phrase “please wait 5-7 days for a response” and 5-7 days went and never once did I get a response. I took to complain on several forums as it was very clear my identity matched my account and everything was in perfect working order. The day after my complaint was posted on the forums for the casino to respond....
I go to access the casinos...
Suddenly I’m not allowed access to my accounts, my accounts are closed, my funds are taken, and they will tell me this and only this....
“We regret to inform you that your casino access has been revoked. The decision is unfortunately, irreversible. Any casino account can be closed solely at our discretion as part of our policies to ensure game fairness, the safekeeping of company assets, and our third party payment service providers. I nor any of my supervisors can give you any further information or explanation”
service provider left the chat
That’s it, that’s all, that’s forever it seems what it will be. They happily took my money, confirmed in support that I have the pictures and transcripts of. Heck they even gave me a $50 no deposit bonus when I asked because the chat agent assured me, “I can offer this $50 chip because you have never opened an account here with us” well turns out both Planet7 and coolcat are full of it, and the whole 5-7 days withdrawal is dishonest at best but more likely is a straight up lie. I plead for anyone considering playing there, DONT! In 17 years I have never once been treated in this fashion, what feels like straight up mugged in the streets. I’ve had a gun put to my temple for 30 dollars, and still that doesn’t give me the sinking hopeless feeling of anger and despair this does. Atleast the addict with the gun had to get off his a** and put in the effort to steal my money. Shit had he not brought the gun I’d almost have respect that he got it. This just feels like some prince of Nigeria finally managed to suck me in and scam me, or my windows service tech was actually a Indian scammer all along. Surprised picachu
Yet this is the only thing I can do because what the heck else can I do? If I could hire a lawyer, I would spend the money. If I could file complaints I would take the time. If I could deposit again and no I would be able to cashout, I would try to take every dollar, penny, and pixel they are worth until the site disappears. Nothing would make me happier than to put my foot soooooo fing far up there pooper that I’d tickle their tonsils with the tip of my toe.... instead
“We regret to inform you that we told you you’d be okay, we gladly accepted your deposits for several months, we happily updated your address when you moved and emailed us updated address verification documents, we cheered when you won, and then we robbed you of every dollar you made.”
Oh did I mention
“There’s not a single thing you can do about it”
Don’t take the risk. If you need legit gambling sites as a us player I can give you several other solid companies that actually care and actually payout and actually want you as a customegamer. You may not get 40090990% percent deposit bonus * (see terms and conditions)
1$ max cashout
But atleast you’ll get the full experience of playing.
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Ignition Slot Win - Withdrawal Review

Hey everyone,
I've been messing around a bit with online slots and sites for the last six months or so. Never really won much, in fact still down about a grand overall, but I just hit $1800 on a slot on Ignition Casino (Diamond Dragon).
I deposited with my debit card and had no issues there.
I withdrew with Bitcoin and it is sitting in my wallet now. No issues, no verification, nada. Simple as pie, took about 24 hours.
While slots are all luck, I tend to find that with the online slots your only real chance of winning anything worthwhile is if you deposit a lot and each bet is high. I can't win anything on .50 bets. For example:
I hit 20 free spins and in those free spins hit the 5 bonus spins on Diamond Dragon and literally won $7.00 out of 25 free spins. It was ridiculous.
Once I put in $300 and started betting almost $10 a spin, I saw results and hit the bonus three times and the free spins, which resulted in the large payout.
Obviously, the more you bet, the more risk you take, but the greater reward.
Anyways, I've closed down most of my accounts on the other casinos, Planet7 for example is ridiculously antiquated.
Ignition seems decent, but YMMV. Good luck!
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Get $25 Free Chip at Planet 7 Casino

Get $25 Free Chip at Planet 7 Casino
Planet 7 Casino for a long time has served and is still serving gamers all around the world. BTK Ltd Casino established the casino in 2009.
Planet 7 Casino offers a large variety of games to casino games enthusiasts. A large chunk of the games on the casino are slots games, and Real Time Gaming develops them. The casino also spices its large varieties of games with various rewarding promotional offers that has helped them attract and retain more customers over time. One of the most popular promotions that the casino offers is its no deposit bonus that comes with a decent minimum requirement. This no deposit bonus comes with a whopping 25 free spins and a free chip that is also worth $25.
Planet 7 Casino takes a special interest in the US market. The casino remains one the casino that has long served and is still serving US players, thereby giving them the best gaming experience it can afford. This “act of valor” on Planet 7 Casino's end should be complimented. This is because most of the other casino sites do not welcome US players.
Planet 7 Casino has its hub located in Cyprus. The Cyprus gaming authority also licenses it.
Planet 7 Casino Bonus Packages and Promotional Offers.
As earlier mentioned, Planet 7 Casino is generous and showers on its customers' various bonus packages. Though these bonus packages vary in what each package offers, almost every package has the free spins bonus.
The different bonus packages offered Planet 7 Casino are:
Welcome Deposit Bonus
Planet 7 Casino gives to every new player on the casino site a welcome deposit bonus. This welcome is a match bonus of 200%. A new player is entitled to this bonus as soon as he or she makes his or her first deposit.
A 200% match bonus offer is a bit “unusual” in the gaming industry because other casino sites offer a 100% match bonus.
No Deposit Bonus
Apart from the welcome deposit bonus that Planet 7 Casino offers to its customers, it also gives its customers a no deposit bonus.
Here players are given a chance to try out games on the casino site at no charge. With the free chips given by the casino, you can play games in the casino game collection for free.
In order to get this bonus offer, you will need to input the no deposit bonus code. The codes are often changed. To get the code check the casino's “Promotions” section.
Planet 7 Casino No Deposit Bonus comes with 30x minimum wagering requirements.
Free Spins Bonus
Planet 7 Casino offers a lot of free spin bonus in its promotions. In addition to the other two bonuses mentioned earlier, the casino will also award you with 25 Free Spins at no cost. You can use this free spins to play TRIGGER HAPPY — one of the exciting slot games on the Planet 7 Casino website.
For you to get this 25 Free spin bonus, you will need to input “WILDEST25”— a promotional code.
Other Promotions
Apart from the deposit, no deposit and free spin bonus the casino also has other promotions in stock for its players. These different promotions come in different forms and offer different rewards.
One of the things all these other promotions have in common is an ample match bonus. A promotion package on Planet 7 Casino will offer you as much as a 175% match bonus to try out any game of your choice. The best thing about this promotion is that it does not have any minimum wagering requirements.
That is not all. Planet 7 Casino also offers a whopping 450% match bonus for some designated slot games. This bonus comes with a minimum wagering requirement of 30%.
Planet 7 Casino, in short, has tons of promotions offers for both existing and new players. In addition to that the casino is always rolling out new promotions from time to time, so you should endeavor to check their “promotion page” from time to time.
Planet 7 Casino Bonus Codes.
For you to get any promotions or bonus packages offered by Planet 7 Casino you will need to input the respective promo code for the promotion.
There is a page that house all the casino's promo codes—the “promotions page.” And do not forget to enter the code for any promotions you want to claim. Not doing this will make you forfeit the bonus attached.
Planet 7 Casino's Software.
Planet 7 Casino website is well polished, crisp, and smooth. The casino which is owned by BTK Ltd has done everything in their ability to design a website that not only gives gamers an appealing design but is also easy to use for them.
Though Planet 7 Casino has succeeded in creating a website with an awesome and appealing design, it didn't have much luck in making its website a user-friendly one. For example, the navigation bar disappears anytime you are on a page that is not the casino's homepage. Before you can access the navigation bar again, you will need to go back to the homepage.
In order to play games on the casino site, all you need is a web-enabled device. With a web-enabled device (Mac and Windows), you have access to play any game you want on the casino site.
Planet 7 Casino does not have any fancy software that you must download before you can play games. However, you will be required to have an up-to-date Flash Player on your browser in order to play games on the casino site.
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Planet 7 Casino Bonus of Your Choice $50 FREE Chip or 50 FREE Spins

Planet 7 Casino Bonus of Your Choice $50 FREE Chip or 50 FREE Spins
The Planet 7 casino appreciates each player and does not cease to reward with generous gifts. Сhoose a bonus and get a gift $50 Free Chip or 50 Free Spins.
$50 Free Chip bonus at Planet7 Casino comes with x30 wagering requirement for Slots and Keno and 60X for most popular table games and video poker (except games such, as Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Roulette, Sic Bo, and War). This bonus does not require a deposit. Activate bonus code: MY50FREE and get your gift.
Get Bonus at Planet 7 Casino
Maximum total, that you can to withdrawal from this bonus is $100.

Нow to claim Free Spins at Planet 7 Casino

You can get no deposit free spins activating one of the codes:
No deposit Free Spins will be credited automatically upon redemption of coupon code. This bonus are good for for slots & keno only. Maximum withdrawal amount - $100. A wager is set to win from free spins x10.
The exclusive bonuses offered by Planet 7 Casino are equally enticing and give you the opportunity to win more money.
Planet 7 Casino is another dynamic RTG-powered online casino from the Ace Revenue Group. It offers an aesthetic theme, good game variety and an abundance of promotions to keep bankrolls happy. After being established in 2009, it has been powered by RealTime Gaming (RTG), Planet 7 Casino is able to provide a variegated gaming experience. The downloadable casino is compatible with Windows PC, but an Instant Play version is also supplied for all major operating systems. Technical Systems Testing (TST) periodically audits the software and certifies its fairness.
In addition to fair games, Planet 7 also provides over 150 games making sure gambling enthusiastsare content. There are several blackjack and roulette variants to choose from, numerous video poker machines, a few specialty and instant win games, and of course a large variety of more than 100 online slots.
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$25 No Deposit Bonus at Planet 7 Casino

$25 No Deposit Bonus at Planet 7 Casino
Free $25 No deposit - Planet 7 Casino No Deposit Bonus
Cashible Bonus : YES! No Deposit Bonus : $25 Casino Bonus Code : 25FREECHIP Wager Requirements : 30x Bonus Max Cashout : $100
Sign up to the Planet 7 Casino and get your free $25 no deposit bonus!
Why should I play at the Planet 7 Casino?
Planet 7 Casino offers several welcome bonuses to choose from. Receive a $25 free no deposit bonus and then make a deposit and receive up to $4,000 bonus!
Planet 7 offers unlimited reload bonuses. Receive a 100% reload bonus for up to $1,000 as often as you like!
Over 100 instant play games – play directly from your browser on a PC or Mac.
The introduction is a short but impressive video welcome to the casino with sound and you feel that you have arrived at one of the best Online Casinos. Sophisticated maroon with golden trim offers players all the great options this casino has to offer in a single glance. Established in 2009, Planet 7 is part of the Ace Revenue group of casinos and licenced in Costa Rica.
Players easily settles in with Planet 7 due to their unrivaled promotions, great customer service and fast payouts. The variety in games and the daily update of winners and news keeps players informed and they feel part of the Planet 7 family. Once you start exploring the options offered it becomes clear that this casino goes the extra mile for their players.
Promotions and Bonuses.
A massive golden welcome bonus of $7777 on your first eight deposits appeals to many new members and once you become part of Planet 7 the promotions keeps the excitement going. Slot special bonuses, table games special Bonuses, weekend specials and daily specials to name just a few. An interesting extra for all active members is the player appreciation free chip, which enables every player that was active and deposited an amount of $200 and more during the month to a minimum of $50 free chip.
Software/Games Variety.
Through the Real Time Gaming platform Planet7 proudly offers players one of the largest selection of table games including blackjack, roulette, Let’em ride, baccarat, craps, 3 card poker, sic bo and more. Over a 100 Slots are available including some of the greatest games and again Planet 7 offers a section showing the new casino games and the most popular games and then an alphabetic list of games you can select from.
Graphics and Sounds.
Players are offered the most popular and widely played games in the world with vivid graphics and fantastic sound from one of the leading software developers, Real Time Gaming. Games are available to play on an instant option or the downloaded version and Real Time Gaming has a name for developing software that is fast to download and super easy to install.
All major credit cards are accepted by Planet 7 as well as Neteller. Withdrawals are possible through Neteller, Bank Wire and Bank Checks. Withdrawals takes 3 business days to approve and payments will be sent to the client within 7 days.
Payout Percentage.
The payout percentage is not announced by the Casino.
Customer Support.
Planet 7 takes pride in customer care and service and the high quality thereof. Customer services are available 24/7 and offers a few easy options with the live chat, telephonically and four email contacts to speed up the response time.
Personal Opinion.
The real deal for sure, the introduction welcomes you at your entertainment for the evening and with the sophisticated look you almost wants to dress up before you enter the site. Great graphics and smooth navigation definitely made an impression and with all the lucky 7’s around it is impossible to resist
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Planet 7 No Deposit Bonus Codes - YouTube SNAG $55 Free of Charge No Deposit Bonus at PrimaPlay Casino [PLANET 7 CASINO BONUS CODES]  ‘NO DEPOSIT CASINO BONUS ... Free Spins No Deposit Casino Rich Casino No Deposit Bonus ... Slot 7 Casino No Deposit Bonus Planet 7 Oz Casino Deposit ... Casino Australia No Deposit Bonus Inet Casino Awards $35 ...

Planet 7 Casino is currently welcoming new members with a MASSIVE $285 FREE CHIP. This is a no deposit bonus, which means that you don’t have to deposit a single cent and can claim the chip just by registering a new account. $25 No Deposit for Planet 7 Casino. Code: VBU7NT. $25 No Deposit Bonus for all players Wager: 30xB Max Withdrawal: $100. Expires on 2020-12-31. No multiple accounts or no deposit casino bonuses in a row are allowed. If your last transaction was a free casino bonus you need to make a deposit before claiming this one or your winnings will be considered void and you will not be able to cash out ... Discover Planet 7 casino $200 no deposit bonus codes! At this point, the RTG platform is sort of refined, and Planet 7 makes full use of it. The casino makes practically every RTG slot machine obtainable to the player, and it offers a diverse number of table games, video poker machines, and specialty video games, similar to keno and scratch cards. Planet 7 Casino no deposit bonus codes. Amount Casino bonus Code Exclusive for; $130 no deposit bonus: HTCBV: $50 no deposit bonus: MEGAFREECHIPS50: 30 Free spins: MEGAFREESPINS: $50 no deposit bonus: TRYTHEM50: $50 no deposit bonus: QUICKIECP50: $125 no deposit bonus: $77 no deposit bonus + 10 Free spins: RUDOLPH77: $50 no deposit bonus: MNWEEK4 : $100 no deposit bonus: THANKS2015: 320% ... Exclusive Planet 7 Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes. 25 free spins on NEW Trigger Happy slot from RTG. Claim using bonus code WILDEST25; No deposit required; Min/Max cashout: $100; Playthrough: 35x; Planet 7 Bonus Coupons and Promo Codes. $7,777 Welcome Package. First deposit bonus: 100% match up to $777; Next seven deposits: 100% match up to $1,000 each ; Claim using appropriate code (1PLANET ... Here is another no deposit bonus from Planet 7 Casino, which is worth $50. Use the code LETSPLAY50 through the cashier. This bonus is valid for all allowed games, which means everything but baccarat, roulette and a few others. The initial playthrough requirement is 30x, but it can increase to 60x if video poker or table games are played. The casino also offers LETSPLAY300 as part of this ... Planet 7 Oz Casino is a twin casino site for Planet 7. Main difference is that Planet 7 Oz created to serve players from Australia and New Zealand separately, in AUD currency. Grab no deposit bonus and play for free! Planet 7 Casino is powered by RTG and licensed by the government of Costa Rica. They offer a full suite of casino games from only one provider. The casino offers regular no deposit and match deposit bonuses to new and active players from certain countries. This casino accepts players from the US. Planet 7 Casino Bonus Codes. 307 bonuses listed. Amount: 310% + 40 FS Match Play through: 30x(D+B) Valid for: All players. Bonus Code GWTWAAP . Valid till: 2021-01-31 Full bonus info . Review Play Now. Amount: $25 No Deposit Play through: 30xB Max Cashout: $100 Valid for: All players. Bonus Code UJBEVDKJX . Valid till: 2021-01-16 Full bonus info. Review Play Now. Amount: 100 Free Spins Play ... No deposit bonus for Planet 7 Casino Use bonus code: GWTWAAP 40 free spins good for I Zombie Slot + 310% Match Bonus 30X Wagering No max cash out Minimum deposit – $80 * If your last transaction was a free chip... Bonus Codes, Free spins bonus, Match Bonus, No Deposit Bonus Codes. $25 no deposit bonus code Planet 7 Casino . $25 no deposit bonus for Planet 7 Casino Your bonus code: UJBEVDKJX ...

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Planet 7 No Deposit Bonus Codes - YouTube

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